Nor Cal Refinishing, Refinishing Services in Citrus Heights, CA

Countertop & Bathtub Refinishing in Citrus Heights, California

Update your home with reliable and detailed refinishing and re-glazing services from Nor Cal Refinishing in Sacramento, California. Our company enhances your current bathtub, sink, and countertops, so you do not have to install new ones. 

Bathtub, Bathtub Refinishing in Citrus Heights, CA

Bathtub Restoration
Relax in your comfortable bathtub. Our service repairs cracks and removes stains in your tub. We can also change the color of your tub by spraying it with the new color of your choice. Your bathtub looks good as new with our service.

Sink Refinishing
Have your sink sparkle and shine. Our resurfacing or re-glazing service restores your sink to pristine condition. If you do not like the color of the sink—we can change it. In 2 short hours, your sink is can be a beautiful new color. The process includes cleaning, etching, filling holes and cracks, primer, and color. It is then finished with a shiny glaze.

Countertop Refinishing
Fall in love with your countertops again with our refinishing. Our refinishing services are great for many different styles of countertops including tile. We also re-do tile countertops or we can spray them white.

With our service, we clean, etch, and fill cracks and chips. The countertop is then sprayed with primer and topcoat, which gives your counters a glossy shine. In addition, if you choose, we complete it with a speckled texture or look, which gives it the appearance of granite.
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